Anesthesia System

Fusion for safety

The new A5 anesthesia system is equipped with a flexible design, intuitive interaction, and reliable performance. It helps anesthesiologists deal with daily work easily in various anesthesia environments.

With new A5, Experience optimal performance across all stages of anesthesia, full range of ventilation modes is available to meet the needs of patients of all ages, from adults to neonates. This enables precise ventilation care throughout the entire anesthesia process.

Ample work surface & optional Flip-up Work table for more working space, 2 drawers, central brake casters, Work Light, and comfortable foot rest. Flow meters Mechanically controlled, with Diversified Ventilation and Professional Care.

Mindray Anesthesia A5

Key Features

  • A full range of ventilation modes is available to meet the needs of patients of all ages, from adults to neonates: Manual, VCV, PCV, PCV-VG, CPAP, PS, SIMV-V, SIMV-P, SIMV-VG, APRV
  • Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO) for use with non-rebreathing circuits.
  • O2 Flush Flow rate 25 to 75 L/min
  • AnaeSight™: an integrated solution for combined intravenous-inhalational anesthesia that connects anesthesia machines, patient monitors, and pumps
  • Powerful Lung Recruitment Tool
  • 6-inch capacitive touchscreen: with flexible rotation for 360-degree angle of view,
  • Integrated breathing system to reduce condensation to a minimum by the heating system
  • Plug-and-Play monitoring modules: Optional CO2, AG, BIS, NMT modules
  • Modular and flexible design to meet the different requirements inside and outside the operating room
  • Optional low-flow assist tool kit

OptimizerTM: Real time guidance for cost-effective optimization of the fresh gas flow.

AA measurement: monitor the anesthetic agent consumption and keeps cost in mind Optimizer™.

  • High Flow Nasal Cannula

High flow nasal cannula oxygen can extend the safe apnoeic oxygenation time, especially for patients with poor oxygen saturation such as bariatric, pediatric, critical ill or difficult airway.

  • Jet ventilation

can be used in shared airway surgeries, difficult airway cases, and more. It can improve patient safety by maintaining oxygenation while creating a better surgical field.

  • 90 minutes battery backup

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