Beneheart D3


More than a fast defibrillator

With a 4-in-1 integrated design (manual defibrillation, AED, pacing, and monitoring modes), BeneHeart D3 puts any unexpected circumstances under your control.

Manual Defibrillation

Asynchronised defibrillation mode for cardioversion of ventricular fibrillation. Synchronised defibrillation mode for cardioversion of atrial fibrillation.


In AED mode, BeneHeart D3 automatically analyses the rhythm and determines whether a shock is necessary. Voice and text prompts guide the user through the process. Voice recording(180 minutes) is also available for after-case analysis and review.


Diagnostic quality, 3/5 lead ECG monitoring with respiration, NIBP, SpO2 and EtCO2

Non-invasive pacing

BeneHeart D3 offers external pacing in demand mode and fixed mode with adjustable rates and output. The 4:1 key enables clinicians to quickly select 1/4 of the defined pacer rate for observation of the patient’s underlying rhythm.


Mindray Defibrillator D3

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Key Features

  • Compact 4-in-one integrated design :monitoring , manual Defib , AED and Peacing
  • Full color display 7 inch display with 3 waveforms assures easy ECG and SPO2 viewing
  • Defibrillaion , synchronized cardioversion and AED with Biphasic technology
  • 360J high energy
  • Charge to shock in 3 seconds
  • Li-ion batteries deliver no fewer than 400 shocks at 360 joules or 12 hours continuous monitoring  or 9 hours continuous pacing
  • HL7 enabled
  • wired and wireless communications to central stations and beyond

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