Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Quality Exams at Your Fingertips

Good image quality is prime for a promising ultrasound. DC-70 Exp offers that and a lot more. Its unique touch gesture feature is designed to help improve workflow, provide you with ease and certainty, enabling you to put patient care first. The clarity, as a result of innovative 3T transducer technology with single crystal on DC-70 Exp, would help you detect abnormalities easily in technically difficult patients. Intelligent diagnostic tools including a number of auto measurement packages, would help you reduce scan time, standardize exam protocols, enhance productivity with added patient focus.

Innovative technology guarantees quality exams

Quality exams in terms of imaging and operation, is what sets the DC-70 Exp apart. Incorporating an optimum balance of advanced technologies and easy operation, DC-70 EXP would greatly enhance your experience for your daily clinical practice. High performance transducers powered by Mindray’s exclusive 3T transducer technology with single crystal, coupled with imaging technologies including echo-boost, 2nd Generation HR flow and highly user-centric operational techniques have allowed DC-70 exp to be a workhorse addressing challenges faced by you while scanning under pressure.

Mindray Ultrasound DC-70EXP

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Key Features

  • 19-inch high resolution color LED monitor , Resolution: 1280*1024 , Viewing angle: 120 °left/right; 90°up/down
  • Digital on-screen display of brightness and contrast controls
  • Independent tilt up of 110 degrees from horizontal and swivel left/right of -90 to 90 degrees
  • 4-inch multi-touch LED touch screen, Resolution: 800*600
  • Touch screen panel angle adjustable for easy visualization: 20 degrees in rotation, Support touch screen gestures, Support thin latex gloves on touch screen
  • Multi-directional articulating monitor arm for better user-friendly experience
  • B-Mode
  • THI and PSHTM
  • M-Mode
  • Color M Mode
  • Color Doppler Imaging
  • Power Doppler Imaging and Directional PDI
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • iBeamTM (Spatial Compound Imaging)
  • iClearTM (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
  • iTouchTM (Auto Image Optimization)
  • Echo BoostTM
  • Zoom/iZoom (Full Screen Zoom)
  • FCI (Frequency Compound Imaging)
  • B steer
  • ExFOV (Extended Field of View)
  • HR FlowTM (High Resolution Flow)
  • Raw data processing
  • 4 active universal probe ports, 1 more for pencil probe only
  • hard drive
  • DVD R/W driver
  • Built-in wireless adapter
  • USB 3.0 ports, 1 more dedicated USB port for printer
  • Touch gestures
  • iStorage
  • MedSight
  • MedTouch
  • iScanHelper
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • ECG
  • Free Xros MTM
  • Free Xros CMTM
  • iScapeTM View
  • Smart 3DTM
  • Real-time 4D
  • iPageTM (Multi-Slice Imaging)
  • SCVTM (Slice Contrast View)
  • STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation)
  • CMPRTM (Curved MPR)
  • Color 3D
  • Niche/3 Slice
  • iLive
  • Smart-V TM (Smart Volume)
  • Auto IMT
  • Elastography
  • TDI (Include TVI, TVD, TVM, TEI)
  • TDI QA (TDI Quantitative Analysis, including strain/strain rate)
  • Stress Echo
  • Clinical Measurement Package
  • Smart OBTM (Auto OB measurement)
  • Smart NTTM(Auto NT measurement)
  • iWorksTM ( Auto Workflow Protocol)
  • iNeedleTM ( Needle Visualization Enhancement)
  • Built-in battery
  • Gel warmer

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