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The launch of BeneFusion pump series represents a milestone for Mindray as it moves into the the high-end infusion pump market. BeneFusion pumps deliver the answer to user requirements in terms of safety, accuracy and intuitive use.The sophisticated design of BeneFusion pump is ready to achieve IT, HIS, CIS connection in the near future and to facilitate one stop service for infusion management for all users.

BeneFusion 3 Series features an easy-to-use concept that simplifies infusion workflow and satisfies various clinical needs and contributes to worry-free clinical practices by providing essential solutions, ensuring highly accurate and safe infusions.

BeneFusion SP3 helps to smooth the process when transferring patients during pre-hospital and in-hospital activities, saving a great amount of time for taking care patients.

Mindray BeneFusion SP3

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Key Features

  • Compact design with light weight and handle
  • Fast start function ensuring effective medication on time
  • Drug name display & history record
  • Long battery operating time ensuring continue infusion
  • Meets EN-1789 standard , supporting usage in ambulance
  • Quick guide with instructions on screen provides useful information to help avoid improper operation.
  • Visible alarm makes it easier to identify and locate specific issues, helping to solving problems timely.
  • The integrated work station facilitates a worry-free bedside management of multiple pumps.
  • Enables the first drop to be delivered in 2 to 3 seconds, ensuring a timely infusion therapy.
  • Changing flow rate easily without stopping the pump, which helps to continue the infusion.
  • Assist in identifying risks and dangers caused by occlusion and air bubbles, contributing to a safe infusion.
  • Intelligent occlusion management system — Dynamic Pressure System & Anti-bolus
  • High level of resistance to water and dust guarantees great durability IP34
  • DS3 Docking Station : The integrated work station facilitates a worry-free bedside management of multiple pumps.

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