Consona N8

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Concrete to Resonate

The Consona N series is designed to help you obtain diagnostic information quickly and acquire advanced functionality. Sharing the epochal ultrasound solution with the primary individuals worldwide

Excellent Image Platform

The ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel data based processing. It delivers exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements

Mindray Consona N8

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Key Features

  • 21.5 inch Full HD Monitor with high resolution
  • Up to 15.6’’touch screen
  • Water and dust proof panel
  • Dual-wing floating arm
  • Adjustable height
  • Rotatable control panel
  • Low noise
  • Storage space
  • Built-in battery supports scan without AC power
  • Ease-of-transportation

Transducer Family:

  • Single-Crystal transducers provide deeper penetration with details
  • ComboWave transducers enhance imaging sensitivity
  • Designed for comfortable gripping
  • Wide clinical application coverage, supports more clinical scenarios
Mindray Consona N8

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