M7 Premium

Hand-Carried Ultrasound System

The excellence to go further

The excellent performance goes further With over ten thousand units installed and proven performance, over the years following its launch the laptop series has been accepted as an outstanding ultrasound system. Addressing more and more critical clinical issues encountered in bedside ultrasound scanning, the totally new M7 premium, upgraded with mQuadro platform, has been developed with excellent capabilities for satisfying comprehensive clinical requirements.Upgraded with mQuadro platform, configured with SP5-1s, single crystal transducer, and rich functionality, the M7 premium goes further in more valuable tools and more accurate information for physicians.providing

All new level with mQuadro With the mQuadro ultrasound platform and high-end level capabilities, M7 premium has raised overall performance to an all new level, particularly for high resolution, penetration and sensitivity.


Mindray Ultrasound M7 Premium

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Key Features

  • 15-inch high resolution color LCD monitor ,Resolution: 1024×768, Brightness adjustable, Screen Saver ,Open angle adjustable: 0°-150° (The angle between the monitor and control panel)
  • B-Mode
  • THI and PSH
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler Imaging
  • Power Doppler Imaging and Directional PDI
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • HPRF (High Pulse Repeat Frequency)
  • iBeamTM (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
  • iTouchTM (Auto Optimization)
  • iClearTM (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
  • HR Flow
  • Zoom/iZoomTM (Full Screen Zoom)
  • B steer
  • Trapezoid Imaging
  • ExFOV Imaging
  • iStationTM
  • Hard drive: 128G SSD or 1TB SATA
  • Network Storage Function (Transfer PC format data to shared folder on PC)
  • V access function
  • User-defined keys
  • 1 active probe port
  • 1 pencil probe port
  • 2-USB ports
  • 1 S-Video output port
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • Built-in Battery
  • Control panel film with language
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Free Xros M
  • iScapeTM View
  • Smart 3DTM
  • 4D (Including: Static 3D, Real time 4D, Volume Transducer is necessary)
  • Contrast Imaging
  • Strain Elastography
  • TDI (Include TVI, TEI, TVD, TVM)
  • TDI Quantitative Analysis
  • Free Xros CM
  • Stress Echo
  • iNeedleTM (Needle Visualization Enhancement)
  • Auto IMT: automatically detects and calculates the thickness of carotid intima-media
  • Auto LV: semi automatically traces the left ventricular wall to calculate LV function
  • Auto PW trace & calculation: automatically calculates PI, RI, TAMAX, TAMEAN, Volume Flow, etc
  • istorage: transfer images and reports to PC directly
  • Med5ight: mobile device app for image transfer

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