HyBase V8

Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

Versatility beyond Expectation

With increasingly complex surgical procedures, today’s surgical environment requires a table that instantly adapts to all the versatility to provide the highest level of care.

The modular design of the tabletop is tailored for various surgical discipline needs, which can also lower the cost for hospitals as they only need to buy the specific module, instead of a new table, for an additional surgical type.

The longitudinal shift of up to 350 mm and the ultra-thin base allows the C-arm to descend to the lowest position and rotate over 360°without interfering with the base or frame.

With a wide imaging access and better radiolucency, HyBase V8 is an optimal solution for cardiovascular surgery.

Mindray HyBase 3

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Key Features

  • An extreme load capacity of up to 460 kg.
  • Longitudinal slide up to 350 mm for free access to C-arm.
  • 595 mm lowest table position for neurosurgery.
  • 1,095 mm highest table position for orthopedics.
  • 18 electric movements, such as powered body elevator, powered leg plates and E-drive function, adapting to various surgical needs.
  • Intelligent Collision Protection System to stop the table movement before collision occurs.
  • Color-coded indication technology to give a timely warning when it comes to big degrees of Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions.
  • Multilayer decompression pad with waterproof and seamless design.
  • Bluetooth hand control for unobstructed control in operating rooms.
  • Electric brake provides higher stability.
  • IPX5 protection against water jets from any direction.
  • Carbon fiber operating plate provides extreme imaging space and ensures good radiolucent imaging (Optional).
  • the One-button design is convenient to remove or install the head and leg plates.

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