A9 Anesthesia Workstation

Automatic control for pioneering performance

The Mindray A9 represents the future of anesthesia in a familiar and intuitive workstation design.

With industry-leading intelligent tools to automate clinical interventions and maintain patient safety processes, the A9 delivers pioneering performance in anesthesia and ventilation.

Mindray Anesthesia A9

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Key Features

  • Mindray Designed to help reduce the need for clinical interventions, the A9 can automatically adjust fresh gas and output from its electronic vaporizer to achieve target end-tidal agent and oxygen concentration levels.
  • Offering extended safe apnoeic oxygenation times and easier intubation for patients with poor oxygen saturation, the A9 also features integrated high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) technology.
  • Perioperative lung-protective ventilation is achieved through the A9’S volume exchanger (VE) and host of lung protection tools, allowing the anesthesia device to deliver ICU-level ventilation for all possible patients.
  • Automatic Controlled Anesthesia (ACA) to rapidly respond to changes in patient status.
  • Electronic vaporizer for safe, precise and reliable agent delivery.
  • World’s first integrated HFNC for safety extending safe apnoeic oxygenation time during induction
  • Simple module system for analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O , auto-detection of five anesthetic agents, plus BIS & NMT
  • Innovative VE offers precise ventilation for all patients with tidal volume down to 5 ml.
  • Switch anesthetic agents during ACA.
  • Automatic system safety check assesses all parts in 3.5 minutes.
  • Intuitive user interface on rotatable 18.5 inch touchscreen monitor, with illuminated APL valve in manual mode.
  • Adaptive Minute Ventilation Mode (AMV) for easy switchover between controlled and spontaneous ventilation without extra adjustment.
  • Optimizer and AA Prediction tools can advise clinicians on a lower fresh gas flow.
  • Configure up to 10 different profiles to make changing users quicker
  • Clear system status indictors.
  • E-AGSS system monitors scavenging flow rate and indicates abnormalities.

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