Consona N6

Diagnostic ultrasound system

Concrete to Resonate

Dedicatedly designed for primary care users, the Consona features new and concrete solutions, that efficiently help you to carry out smooth diagnoses for extensive types of patients.No matter your routine is in hospitals, clinics, or you are honing skills, you will find highly powerful and tools available on this series to keep you stay ahead, and inspire you with feelings

Excellent Image Platform

The ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel data-based processing. It delivers exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements.

Mindray Consona N6

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Key Features

  • 21.5” full-HD screen monitor
  • 13.3” touch screen
  • Rotatable control panel
  • Dual-wing floating arm
  • Adjustable height
  • Built-in battery
  • Low noise
  • Water and dust proof panel
  • iScanHelper: A scanning tool to practice skills by following the guidance step by step
  • iWorks: A standardized protocol, scanning step by step without plane omission
  • Smart Vue :Automatic recognition on standard plane, and restore the standard plane automatically

Transducer family       

  • Wide clinical application coverage, supports more clinical scenarios
  • ComboWave transducers enhance imaging sensitivity
Transducer family

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