Nuewa I9

Premium Ultrasound System

Innovation, in Every Facet

The provides an entirely new experience, thanks to the innovations it features both inside and out. It is characterized by those features that have always been decisive for advanced Mindray ultrasound systems: the revolutionary ZST+ platform elevates ultrasound image quality to a higher level and provides excellent balance for spatial and temporal resolution, and tissue uniformity. The full-stack smart solution with Smart Scene 3D innovatively provides smartness throughout the whole examination procedure for an extraordinarily easy, accurate, and fast diagnosis. It starts the process using auto clinical scenario identification, and uses automation at every point, from imaging optimization to planes acquisition, quantification, and creating an automated workflow. You are instantly greeted by an ultrasound system design like nothing you’ve seen before – coupled with all the latest technologies. boasts an intelligent iConsole control panel with customizable E-ink keys, 15.6” touch screen with intuitive user interaction, auto wake-up of residual power, super-silent design, along with many other high-quality features. These innovative design elements will help to reduce fatigue to a minimum during scans.

The ease that you have never experienced before

Clinical scenario-based ease of use 3D/4D interaction is totally different and becomes extremely intuitive and easy. No more complicated knob adjustments. Just simply click and choose the effect in different scenarios as you want, such as Routine, iLive, Bone, Tissue, Follicle scenarios and so on. All related imaging settings have already been integrated in the system for optimal volume imaging effect

Mindray Nuewa I9

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Key Features

  • 23.8” bezel-less full-screen with large images
  • 6” full- HD touch screen with powerful gesture operation
  • Dual screen simultaneous display for both doctors and moms
  • Minimum 1 meter height, easy transportation of mobile service
  • 55cm body width, easy door pass, quick access across clinical departments
  • Up to 4 hours continuous ultrasound scanning
  • Auto wake-up of residual power when you hold the right handle
  • Changing probes without bending
  • Light indicators for probe activation
  • 26dB super-silent design as quiet as a bedroom
  • More comfort without disturbance

Console–intelligent control panel:

The intelligent and clinical exam-specific control panel layout is a breakthrough innovation designed to optimally adapt to different clinical scenarios, such as OB, GYN, pediatrics and so on. Based on six special E-ink keys with digital screens, I Console can adaptively adjust the layout and key functions during exam changing. User-define is available for personalized settings and the digital display on E-ink keys will not disappear even during power off.

Mindray Nuewa I9

Smart Scene 3D

The innovative Smart Scene 3D is a smart scenario-ori-ented volume scan technique. By combining advanced algorithm with domain knowledge, it automatically enables the identification of tissue characteristics and provides an organ-specific diagnosis with full-stack smartness from imaging optimization, to planes acquisition, quantification and with automated workflow throughout whole procedure.

Mindray Nuewa I9

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