Enlightening every breath

SV70/SV70S ventilator is born for professional non-invasive ventilation. It ensures perfect synchronization with excellent EasySync™ technology, and is equipped with advanced decision-support tools to sense patient’s real breathing needs

which helps clinicians make op-timal decisions and brings patient comfort ventilation.EasySync™ synchronization technology analyses multi-signal such as pressure, flow and turbine sensing, brings patient comfort non-invasive ventilation with state-of-art technology.

Mindray Ventilator SV70/SV70S

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Key Features :

  • EasySync™ technology to synchronise ventilation and maximise patient comfort
  • HFNC Sight – integrates high flow O2, SpO2 module and calculates ROX in real-time.
  • 6″ Capacitive touch screen, clearer and smoother, just one step for routine operation.
  • Graphic patient leakage indicator to guide mask adjustments
  • Up to 120 hours historical trends data to help inform decision-making
  • Dedicated mask storage slot to reduce cross-infection
  • Tool-free O2 sensor disassembly design for quick replacement
  • Real-time PEEPi monitoring without the need for additional sensors or manual interventions.
  • Oesophageal pressure monitoring, including:
  • Patient-ventilator synchrony assessment
  • Lung-protective strategy guidance
  • Ventilation effect assessment
  • Wifi connectivity to CMS enabling single user viewing of multiple patients

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