DigiEye 350

Digital Radiography System

Flowy to Glory

One brand, One solution

The new generation floor-mounted DR system DigiEye 350 features a concrete and flowy solution for radiography examination, and it aims to inspire you with the progressive confidence, high efficiency and feeling of glory.

Mindray DigiEye 350

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Design for ease-of-use

Streamlined design conception

Bidirectional synchronization of the tube and bucky

RF remote movement control, even in the console room

Streamlined design conception

Horizontal track, bearing more than 170kg

One-piece molding floating bed, easy for positioning

Mobile FPD, provide more versalite

iStitch auto stitching function

Intuitive UI design 12.3 inch slim touch-screen

Diagnosis and Connectivity Console Workstation


Remote Connectivity

Real time streaming consultation

Training and education

One click for uploading images and for remote reporting

Mindray DigiEye 350

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