BeneVision CMS Mobile Viewer

Critical data at your fingertips

Using the BeneVision  CMS Mobile Viewer on your Ios or Android based smartphone, along with a hospital-installed Mobile Server, authorized users are able to view real-time patient data from any location. Providing clinicians a new level of freedom and accessibility, the CMS Mobile Viewer makes it possible to stay connected with your patients even when you’re off the floor or outside the department. With this best-in-class viewing tool, access to data, continuity of care, and clinical collaboration can be realized on a whole new level.

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Key Features

  • View real-time physiological data plus historical events for multiple patients simultaneously
  • Enabling secure data review by clinicians via role-based, hospital-assigned user rights
  • View patients across multiple BeneVision CMS Servers
  • Provides visual indication of alarm conditions
  • Features the same user interface as the BeneVision CMS WorkStation, making it easy and convenient to use
  • Requires a hospital-installed Mobile Server which provides patient data to the Mobile Viewer, acting as an interface to the BeneVision CMS
  • Viewing location can be virtually anywhere, inside or outside the facility, once on or connected to the hospital network.
  • Supports configuring of local display settings based on clinical preference

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