BeneFusion DS5

Advanced Infusion Solution System

Simplified and Efficient

BeneFusion DS5 is an advanced bedside work station based on intravenous infusion workflow management with modern electronics,

IT and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.”Plug and Play” design makes intravenous administration easier, safer, and smarter for daily infusion in ICU,OR and some advanced departments.

Mindray BeneFusion SP5 Dock

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Key Features

  • One power cord : Integrated power cord and infusion tube management save bedside space.
  • Slots structure : can integrate infusion system for any combination from 2 to 24 pumps rapidly and flexibly.
  • “Fast–Plug” : design, pushing pump along the rail, with a “tick” sound, screen indication “install successfully.
  • “Plug and Play” : design ensures seamless data transmission; all information can be sent to the Docking Station via a Wi-Fi network.
  • Nursing staff can stack multiple pumps without any extra tool during patient transport, greatly simplifying infusion therapy and saving valuable time.
  • The 3.5”color screen can display multiple real-time information including total infusion volume, urine volume as well as patient information.
  • The infusion pump system parameters can be automatically synchronized by manual setting or internet connection.
  • The large alarm light on the top will help nursing staff more efficiently and timely respond to clinical emergencies, and therefore guarantees patients’ safety.
  • Day / Night mode can switch automatically without setting on each pump separately, which enables nurses to attend to more patients and make the ward a more comfortable place to rest.
  • Multiple external connections enable convenient data exchange. For example, bar-code.
  • BeneFusion DS5 supports a urine flow meter to collect urine automatically, which creates a sanitary medical department and reduces chances of cross-infection.
  • Automatic multi-channel relay.
  • Convenient mounting solution as handle on the top, Convenient for transfer , hanger for easy hanging at bedside and horizontal/vertical clamps.
  • All treatment data can be seamlessly connected after plug and transfer. Automatic total infusion volume collection, saving users workload.