MobiEye 700

Mobile Radiography System

Insight with Power and Mobility

Insightful Innovation

Revolutionary Redefinition

As one of the most anticipated radiology products, MobiEye 700 is the product of concentrated, unremitting effort and unparalleled technology from Mindray R&D team. With an advantageous, superior power system and intelligent mobility, the MobiEye 700 far surpasses other contemporary mobile digital radiology devices. It is a product of a new era.

Evolution more than fingures

Nothing is more intuitive than quantitative data to demonstrate clear advantages. MobiEye 700 boats more superiority and utility with every measure of its quality. In the eyes of such data, it is no longer only innovation – it is remarkable evolution of past products.

Power (Beyond the Limitations)

Until recently, the most critical limitation of mobile radiology devices is inefficient and short –acting power management which brings much inconvenience during clinical diagnosis. Mindray has invested its new, innovative dual-mode power management technology, mega-capacitors circuit and superior-capacity battery especially to the MobiEye 700 to solve this fundamentally hindering problem. With the introduction of problem-solving improvement, MobiEye 700 proves yet again to be the favorable choice.

Mindray MobiEye 700

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Key Features

  • High-Quality Image
  • Mindray’s intelligent imaging processing technology
  • Classic quality and dedicated features
  • Anti-collision Design
  • 270 degree implanted sensors for emergency stop
  • Double ultrasound sensors for motion buffering
  • Detector Security Technology
  • Detector holder activating sensor
  • Detector lock on the control panel
  • Exposure state LED indicator
  • Display the exposure and operational status
  • Auto/Manual Motion Mode
  • The manual mode ensures the device is capable of moving without any power
  • 2cm Vertical Obstacle Across
  • 9 Degree of Freedom
  • 12 Degree Slope-Climbing
  • Mobility
  • Intelligence for Everywhere
  • As the name implies, mobility is the major criterion for any mobile device.
  • Mindray’s unique bionic manipulator and multiple control mode are absolute advantages in motion and positioning. With all these features about the mobility, MobiEye 700 is capable of delivering its intelligent performance into any complicated operational environment.
  • Marvelous Mobility
  • 12-degree slope-climbing
  • 2cm vertical obstacle across
  • 360 degree rotation with one-hand operation
  • Intelligent speed regulation
  • Unique Bionic Manipulator
  • Optimized bionic design
  • 8 high flexible mechanical joints
  • Multiple Control Mode
  • Ergonomic designed handle
  • RF remote control for advanced movement
  • Slimmer and Lighter
  • 55cm maximum device width
  • 370 Kg weight
  • Performance
  • Mindray’s unique DROC software with classic configuration provides its highly stable and system and efficient workflow. In the meanwhile,9 degree of freedom on the movement combines with the bionic manipulator to offer maximum examination coverage on the clinical application.
  • Advanced DROC software
  • Classic DROS workflow, operation and functions
  • Dedicated upgrading for 19-inch multi-touch screen
  • Leading Configuration for Optimized System
  • Mindray’s self-manufactured HVG
  • 30/50 KW electric power
  • 460khz inverter frequency
  • Maximum Examination Coverage
  • 2.3m maximum diagnostic height
  • 1.8m SID for all reqions of interest
  • MPX Dectector
  • Mindray’s self-produced MPX detector and ‘Mind-home’ remarkable, breakthrough concepts are now being introduced to the public for the first time. Mindray’s top-level patented technologies have been assembled in the MPX light-weighted wireless detector, providing the finest possible user experience
  • Mindray MPY Detector
  • Csl+TFL
  • High DQE
  • Wireless design
  • Liquid and Dust Resistant
  • Blood and body fluid
  • Liquid and Powdered medication
  • Say ‘NO’ to buly
  • Weights only 3.3kg
  • Optional gird of maximum flxbility
  • Mind-Home
  • Automatic detector charging
  • Detector security and protection
  • 5G Wireless Detector Configuration
  • Innovative antenna technology for 5G Wifi connection
  • Ultra-high speed data acquisition and transmission
  • Unification of Radiology Family
  • Excellent compatibility for stationary and mobile radiology device
  • Cost-efficient solutions for wireless detector sharing usage

Detector security and protection

As high-speed and sharing have become the most significant developing trends of networking and information for the next ear, Midray’s ‘M.Share’ concept is proposed bring great healthcare service innovation in line with modern needs. This remarkable application has improved upon previous limitation on speed of information exchange, and has also brought about the unification of radiology products, to provide high-efficiency workflow and low-cost upgrading solutions

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