Resona 7

Premium Ultrasound System

New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation

New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation

Mindray is continuously exploring the way to improve diagnostic confidence since the company is founded. Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 7’s new ZST+ platform brings the ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing. Besides the premium level image quality, Resona 7 also provides clinical research with the revolutionary V Flow for vascular hemodynamics evaluation, and the most intelligent plane acquisition from 3D dataset for fetal CNS diagnosis. Combining with the most intuitive gesture-based multi-touch operation and all clinical features together, Resona 7 is truly leading new waves in ultrasound innovation.

It rises

With core platform advantages of ZST+

The channel data based ZST+ is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam forming to channel data based processing, ZST+ is able to deliver multiple imaging advances: Advanced Acoustic Acquisition, Dynamic Pixel Focusing, Sound Speed Compensation, Advanced Image Processing and Total Recall Imaging.

Advanced Acoustic Acquisition

By transmitting and receiving a relatively smaller number of large zones, Advanced Acoustic Acquisition extracts more information from each acquisition, 10 times faster than a conventional line-by-line beamforming method.


Dynamic Pixel Focusing

Dynamic Pixel Focusing technology allows Resona 7 to achieve extreme uniformity in pixel level through the whole field of view. Therefore, there is no longer the need to frequently adjust the focal positions to achieve uniformity across patient exams.


Sound Speed Compensation

By retrospectively analyzing complete channel data stored in channel data memory, the Resona 7 is able to intelligently choose the optimal sound speed to improve image accuracy even with tissue variation, allowing for adaptive tissue-specific optimization.

Advanced Image Processing

Channel data based ZST+ provides Advanced Image Processing for greatly improved imaging clarity. By multiple and retrospective channel data processing, it makes the best use of acoustic information for image improvement. HD Scope: higher definition image within ROI. Coherent Spatial Synthesis: further improved image quality.


Total Recall Imaging

As ZST+ captures and stores the complete acoustic raw data set, Total Recall Imaging allows the user to retrospectively modify numerous imaging parameters and optimize clinical information.

Mindray Ultrasound Resona 7

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Key Features

  • B-Mode
  • THI and PSH TM
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler Imaging TM
  • Power Doppler Imaging and Directional PDI
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Free Xros M TM
  • Free Xros CM TM
  • iBeam TM (Spatial Compound Imaging)
  • iClear TM (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
  • iTouchTM (Auto Image Optimization)
  • Echo Boost TM
  • Zoom/iZoom (Full Screen Zoom)
  • FCI (Frequency Compound Imaging)
  • B steer
  • ExFOV (Extended Field of View)
  • HD Scope
  • SSC(Sound Speed Compensation)
  • Channel data processing
  • Smart 3D TM
  • Color 3D
  • Real-time 4D
  • STIC (Spatial-Temporal Image Correlation)
  • iPage+ (Multi-Slice Imaging)
  • iLive
  • SCV+ (Slice Contrast View)
  • Niche
  • Smart Planes CNS
  • Smart FLC
  • Smart Planes FH
  • Smart Face
  • Smart-V TM (Smart Volume)
  • Smart OB TM (Auto OB measurement)
  • Smart NT TM (Auto NT measurement)
  • Clinical Measurement Package
  • Smart Doppler
  • HR FlowTM (High Resolution Flow)
  • Smart Track
  • IMT
  • RIMT(RF-Data based IMT)
  • R-VQS(RF-Data based Quantitative Analysis on Vessel Stiffness)
  • Smart Pelvic
  • IVF
  • iScape TM View
  • iNeedle TM ( Needle Visualization Enhancement)
  • V Flow
  • UWN+ Contrast ImagingTM
  • Contrast Imaging QA(Quantitative Analysis)
  • Volume CEUS
  • STE Imaging(Sound Touch Elastography)
  • STQ Imaging(Sound Touch Quantification)
  • Natural Touch Elastography Imaging
  • iFusion
  • ECG function
  • Auto EF
  • TDI (Include TVI, TVD, TVM, TEI)
  • TDI QA (TDI Quantitative Analysis)
  • TT QA(Tissue Tracking Quantitative Analysis)
  • LVO(Left Ventricular Opacification)
  • Stress Echo
  • iStorage
  • iWorks TM ( Auto Workflow Protocol)
  • MedSight
  • MedTouch
  • UltraAssist(Off-line software)
  • UltraViewTM (Off-line analysis software)
  • Voice control
  • Touch gestures
  • 1TB hard drive
  • 120G SSD(Solid State Drive)
  • DVD R/W driver
  • 5-USB ports

It resonates.

With innovation, better diagnosis and healthier life

Healthcare is, and remains, one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity across the globe. Technology, the core driver in many diverse industries, is transforming healthcare to a new level of resonance with unprecedented clinical precision, diagnostic confidence, patient safety and satisfaction.

The same is true for ultrasound ,With more than 20 years experience in ultrasound development, Mindray constantly endeavors to integrate the most advanced, reliable ultrasound technology to products of amazing quality, for increasingly enhanced clinical confidence and patient care. Medical minds think alike. By making ultrasound technology better, we are making lives better.

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