HyBase V9

operating table

Versatility beyond Expectation

With increasingly complex surgical procedures

today’s surgical environment requires a table that instantly adapts to all the versatility to provide the highest level of care.

Mindray HyBase V9

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Key Features :

  • Flexibility for multiple disciplines, the modular design of the tabletop is tailored for various surgical discipline needs.
  • Simultaneous Movements Multiple joints operate simultaneously to increase positioning efficiency and reduce patient sliding.
  • The multi-layer composite mattress technology fully considers the body shape of the human and can be applied to patients with BMI between 17-35.The buffer layer can greatly reduce the contact between the body and the support layer, improve the support performance and further balance the pressure.
  • Safety for various positions, meeting the requirements for increasing patients safety through the Intelligent collision avoidance system(ICPS™).
  • Four double-swivel castors make it easier to move the table in any direction. E-drive function optimize for increasing surgery efficiency.
  • An extreme load capacity of up to 570kg.
  • All positions are permitted up to overall load of 275kg.
  • 595mm lowest table position for neurosurgery, while 1,095mm highest table position for orthopedics.
  • 20 electric movements, such as powered body elevator, Electric Leg plates adjustable individually, adapting to various surgical needs.
  • Color-coded indication technology to give a timely warning when it comes to big degrees of Trendelenburg and revers Trendelenburg positions.
  • Intelligent Collision Protection System monitors the positions of the table elements during movement to avoid collision by the Module Recognition System. This system also prevents the leg plate from colliding with solid objects when the table is covered with sterile surgical sheets.
  • Bluetooth hand control for unobstructed control in operating rooms.
  • Triple-layer decompression pad to redistribute the patient’s weight.
  • Light Indication Function

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