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mWear Wearable Patient Monitoring System

Targeting at the increasing shortage of hospital beds and medical personnel, Mindray’s mWear wearable patient monitoring solution enables clinicians to continuously and efficiently track patients’ conditions no matter where they are

drawing a picture for a more integrated and complete patient monitoring platform for the future. To meet these challenges Mindray develops the mWear wearable patient monitor to better monitor the patient safety and provide simplicity of clinical application in multiple scenarios.

Mindray mWEAR EP30

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Key Features :

  • Refined  &Reliable design Comfortable wearing experience , Complete wireless interconnection , IP22 Waterproof , Resistant to 48 kinds of disinfectants
  • Multi-parameter monitoring , Innovative health parameters : ECG , PR , RR , SPO2 , Temperature , NIBP
  • Ring SpO2 sensor Normal hand movement with greater comfort
  • Monitoring preparation Pairing through a single touch , Patient information auto bound through PDA scanning
  • Charging & device management Long duration: at least 48 hours , Replace the battery with a single hand , Centralized charging design. Clear charging instruction , Large volume storage,  Independent charging pod
  • Homehospital application* patients are safely monitored at home. Dedicated app design , App sends the data back to the central station in hospital.
  • Intelligent device positioning
  • Device search: Through the central station, we can find the area near the AP where the wearable device is located
  •  Electronic fence: When the wearable device exceeds the network range, the EP will beep
  • Accessible IT Solution
  • The application of mWear in hospital and homehospital use the same monitoring system. All data can be displayed, analysed, and sent to the 3rd-party system by Mindray standard interface for a more comprehensive picture of patient health.

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