HyBase V8-Classic

Electro-hydrolic operating table

Versatility beyond Expectation

A new versatile model featuring the signature benefits of the Mindray operating table family,

it is equipped with new technologies and functions to adapt to a wider range of surgical needs while enhancing safety during the operational procedures.

Mindray HyBase V8-Classic

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Key Features :

  • A Manual Override System hard-wired to an independent hydraulic circuit has been introduced : under extreme circumstances, especially when faulty electric controls occur, the table can be adjusted manually, making it operational at all times. This System is specifically designed to provide double security and a smoother workflow for clinicians in unexpected scenarios.
  • Flexibility for multiple disciplines, the modular design of the tabletop is tailored for various surgical discipline needs.
  • Safety for various positions, meeting the requirements for increasing patients safety.
  • Efficiency in every step, four double-swivel castors make it easier to move the table in any direction.
  • An extreme load capacity of up to 460kg.
  • All positions are permitted up to overall load of 250kg.
  • 600mm lowest table position for neurosurgery, while 1,050mm highest table position for orthopedics.
  • 12 electric movements, such as table top up/down, slope and tilt, adapting to various surgical needs.
  • Bluetooth hand control for unobstructed control in operating rooms.
  • Triple-layer decompression pad to redistribute the patient’s weight.