TEX 20

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Point of Care, Reimagined

Inspired by the increasing clinical demands of today’s challenging healthcare environments, the series adopts advanced technologies and integrates them into an accessible, patient-centered solution. This new and innovative solution helps clinicians reimagine their clinical practice in the demanding environments like critical care and emergency medicine. With its patient-centered information solution, extreme image clarity, clinical-oriented workflow, smart tools and thoughtful design, the series helps you to provide a higher quality ofservice at any point of care

X-Link ecosystem

Types of bedside equipment provide various physiological information, including ultrasound imaging, ECG signals, and respiratory signals etc. The X-Link integrates these data and offers a brand new view on patient’s course of disease.

It not only brings high-quality clinical value and accurate diagnosis to your daily practice, but also facilitates Multi-Disciplinary Treatment (MDT) and more advanced multi-modal clinical research.

Mindray TEX 20

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Key Features

  • 23.8″ rotatable full-touch HD screen allows for both landscape and portrait display to meet the needs of various clinical scenarios
  • 4 active transducer connectors
  • Flexible storage design
  • Wireless charging station
  • Wireless voice control (iVocal Plus) for hands-free operation
  • AutoEF Plus
  • Auto DFR (Auto Diastolic Function Ratio)
  • Smart Echovue
  • Smart Fluid Management
  • Smart TTQA
  • Smart Nerve
  • Application – Shock
  • Application – Respiration
  • Application – Trauma

Enhanced clinical confidence powered by ZST+

The TEX20 Series is embedded with the innovative ultrasound platform, ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST+), delivering exceptional image quality for enhanced clinical confidence.

Mindray ZST

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