Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Xtreme Precision and Performance

Focused Applications in POC

With intuitive design, ease of operation, superior image quality, and a simple fied workflow, the TE7 provides diagnostic confidence for focused applications of anesthesia and pain management, critical care, emergency medicine and musculoskeletal bedside examinations.

Complete Transducer Solution

Equipped with Mindray’s unique 3T transducer technology, TE7 offers a full suite of transducers for a wide variety of applications, including convex, linear, phased array, endocavity, intraoperative and TEE transducers. With up to 16MHz linear transducer, TE7 assures you a crystal clear image on superficial structure.

Anesthesia and Pain Management

With its compact touch screen and advanced features, including iNeedle™ visualization, dedicated nerve exam presets, and TEE transducer, the TE7 is an ideal system for nerve block and intraoperative cardiac monitoring. The TE7’s intuitive workflow makes operation efficient for the demanding OR environment.

Mindray Ultrasound TE7

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Key Features

  • 15-inch high resolution color LED monitor, Resolution: 768*1024 Viewing angle: 85°left/right; 85° up/down
  • B-Mode
  • THI and PSHTM
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler Imaging
  • Power Doppler Imaging and Directional PDI
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • iBeamTM (Spatial Compound Imaging)
  • iClearTM (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
  • iTouchTM (Auto Image Optimization)
  • Smart Track
  • Zoom/iZoom (Full Screen Zoom)
  • FCI (Frequency Compound Imaging)
  • B steer
  • ExFOV (Extended Field of View)
  • Post Processing
  • Echo BoostTM
  • The eSpacial Navi 4D Needle
  • iVocal – innovative voice command function
  • 3 or 1 active universal probe ports
  • SSD
  • Built-in wireless adapter
  • Built-in battery
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • Touch Gestures
  • iStorage
  • MedSight
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Left Ventricular Opacification
  • iNeedleTM ( Needle Visualization Enhancement)
  • Cart : DCU independent tilt of 50 degrees up, 5 degrees down.
  • Table stand/ Wall mount
  • ECG module

The eSpacial Navi 4D Needle

The eSpacial Navi 4D Needle Positioning function detects the position and orientation of magnetized needles in the presence of the transducer and displays this information relative to the ultrasound image. Spatial positioning of the needle, with respect to the ultrasound image, is then updated in real time. This guides the operator to better visualize the needle in the ultrasound image during ultrasound guided needling procedures.

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