BeneFusion VP5

Infusion Pump System

Safe Infusion

The BeneFusion VP5 has been designed to facilitate comprehensive solution for clinical use, with its accuracy, safety feature and intuitive design, BeneFusion VP5 is capable to be a powerful partner for intervenous infusion.

BeneFusion 5 series are the powerful partners for intravenous infusion that are designed with the concept of SAFE infusion The Safe concept stands for Smart system, Accurate infusion, Friendly design, and Easy connection The concept comes with a set of state-of-the-art technology to provide considerate solutions for different clinical scenarios, as well as ensuring patients’ safety

Mindray BeneFusion VP5

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Key Features

  • 5 inch color screen providing multi information on one page.
  • Intelligent occlusion management system-Dynamic Pressure System & Anti-bolus.
  • Up to 6 infusion modes, meeting a wide range of clinical demands.
  • The DERS drug library assists in protecting patients by triggering the alarms when the actual dose reaches defined limits, ensuring patient safety.
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free dedicated lines.
  • Various types for satisfying different clinical needs.
  • Extraordinary infusion accuracy guaranteed.
  • Real-time high stability of infusions guaranteed by the overall mechanical accuracy.
  • High accuracy over long hours guaranteed by the compensatory algorithm to deformed IV sets.
  • High accuracy detection sensors.
  • Quick Guide : On-screen instructions provides useful information to help avoid any improper operation.
  • Graphical Alarm Display : Easy to identify any specific issue, helping to eliminate
  • problems in time.
  • Volume Collection : Versatile enough to better collect the volume of infusions for different clinical scenarios, alleviating nursing workloads.
  • The Portable Handle : VP5 can be equipped with a portable handle (BeneFusion PH5) for convenient transfer.
  • HL7 protocol allows BeneFusion VP-5 pumps to be integrated into the hospital network, such as CIS, HIS and so on, which assists the hospital to implement a paperless environment.
  • Easy Connection to the BeneVision CMS.

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