HyPixel™ U1

4K Endoscope Camera System

Simply Clear

HyPixel™ U1 endoscope camera system is designed to meet the clinical requirements of surgeries with Real 4K CMOS delivers high-definition images and enables surgeons to view organs and tissues in real color, perfectly identify blood vessels, lymph nodes, and nerves. The main functions are available via a 10° tilt-up touchscreen which improves operability. The 55-inch monitor provides a better immersion experience and helps doctors improve concentration and surgical performance.

The creative trolley ensures convenient and stable movement. with a built-in USB storage function, operation records become easier than ever.

Mindray HyPixel™ U1 Endoscope

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Key Features

  • Deliver ultra-high-definition image with 3840×2160 resolution.
  • Deliver SOFT AND DELICATE IMAGE DETAILS, with Real 4K CMOS, native 4K image.
  • 16 AXES REAL COLOR RESTORATION, Compared with HD3’s triaxial color reduction, it greatly improves the color differentiation
  • With Ultra-wide color gamut: Restore the organs and tissues in real color, perfect identification of blood vessels, lymph nodes and nerves.
  • Built-in USB recording starts with one click, and the high-quality video will be saved as Full HD version as predefined
  • Video Recorder with bookmark function, it is convenient for video record review and post-editing.
  • With 7.8in Touch screen control operation, the important information is available at a glance, the main functions are available with only one touch of the panel, and a 10° tilt up screen is easier for observation.
  • 4K Camera Head with manual focus ring and 5 control buttons: white balance immutable, and others programmable
  • A Titan Trolley stand with a 55inch large screen and camera system together to meet common surgical needs. The innovative structural design ensures convenient and stable moving
  • The trolley designed with camera cup holder combined with the cable hook makes storage and management easier.
  • 55-inch monitor brings more outstanding visual experience than small screen does.
  • 55 Inch 4K Monitor with 178°viewing angle, Support 12G-SDI, HDMI 4K input, Backlight brightness 700cd/m²
  • Optical bonding technology reduces light refraction and reflection, increasing the image contrast and resolution


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